Norway 2018
No way than Norway
notice: nearly 2 month of roadtripping just comprimised to give a feeling of what happened - all pictures taken with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and the 50mm f1.4 / 28mm f2.8 canon lenses

2018 changed my life in a dramatic way so far. personally i fell in deep struggle losing a 11 year relationship. losing my photostudio and my so called home. rebuilding and finding a way to deal with this situation was the first priority. i stopped working and before i fell in some kind of depression i had to push my own boundaries. finding and meeting my inner child to face fear and anger.

in may 2018 i met Linda while i was at my deepest point. with her lovely open mind she gave me the opportunity to travel with her in the wild norths of europe. against all the voices of my friends, partners and clients i had relationships with - 
i decided to follow her and catch up Linda in norway. without any sense of what to expect i drove the longest trip with my car i ever did.

it was one of those decisions where you can really feel this crazy thing called life. the feeling in your stomach  wich let you know that this is going to change your whole life. and it did.

i would do it again. and again.

thank you for saving some kind of life Linda
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